S.HO.W- consumables

S.HO.W- consumable material

The advantage of a the daily kit dedicated, produced in clean room,  ensures , without extra parts, all what is needed  to do the job.
The Daily Kit  packaging,  contains everything is needed, to perform  the activities   of the entire surgical session, in:  S.O. of Urology, or, in S.O. Orthopaedics, or the activities  of the entire day, in the Intensive care's  department,   general wards or dialysis
The health staff, finds in ONE SINGLE PACKAGING  all what is  needed to carry on the daily activities, with S.HO.W , without interruptions, zeroing virtually, the  errors , with the result to  improve the overall security.

Specific Use

To obtain the best PERFOMANCES, have been produced, various kinds of kits, each designed for a the specific application.
KCM-SHOW01-S.O. for urology operating theaters , I.C.A. and the wards.
KCM-SHOW03-ORT. for orthopedics operating theaters .
KCM-SHOW05-DIAL for dialysis.

Are available, apart, into the - CATALOGUE ACCESSORIES AND CONSUMABLE – the parts contained in the kits and other accessories, that  offer, more,  operational  flexibilty, according the different operators needs.