Super S.H.O.W.

    Closed circuit aspirator for large volumes of biological fluid


    Biomaster Technology  

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    • Reduces cross contamination
    • Eliminates any kind of container
    • Reduces the risks of exposure 
    • Cuts costs
    • Saves time and labor
    • Minimizes the environmental impact
    • Tested according to ISO standards 21702:2019

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    Antiviral and antibacterial protection - Cross Contamination Reductions

    The silver ions technology is used both in the body and all labels and paints. It provides absolute antibacterial and antiviral protection

    • 24 hour protection, 7 days per week

    • Active protection on the whole device surface





    SUPER S.HO.W.  has been designed and manufactured to allow healthcare professionals to treat organic liquids in total safety, in compliance with the law, to avoid the risk of biological contamination.

    SUPER S.HO.W. avoids the continuous lifting of the liquid collection bags by the operators, getting rid of the risk of liquids leakage due to accidental bags tearing.

    SUPER S.HO.W. in suction of infected biological liquids mode activates a real-time disinfection system, with a precision peristatic pump for the correct dosage of the disinfectant.

    SUPER S.HO.W. guarantees a high level of both internal and external self-disinfection to ensure maximum safety.
    Internal disinfection is automatic, the bacterial load is reduced by 99.6% using a single-dose Disinfectant System (Class IIa Medical Device). External disinfection is based on silver ions technology.

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    SUPER S.HO.W. - In Operating Theatres: due to its 60-liters tank and to its active suction, it does not require healthcare personnel to handle and replace liquid collection containers during surgical interventions.

    SUPER S.HO.W. - In Wards: allows a rapid emptying of collection bags, it reduces staff working time, increasing efficiency and safety.

    SUPER S.HO.W. - In Intensive Care Units: allows a rapid emptying of ultrafiltrate bags during CVVH directly from the equipment, it reduces staff working time, increasing efficiency and safety.


    SUPER S.HO.W. allows to considerably reduce the usage of disposable containers and of the associated operating costs
    SUPER S.HO.W. is green. It reduces the quantity of special waste to be sent to incinerators for disposal.  

    More respect for the environment: less plastic, less pollution, less costs.

    Where it is used


    In UROLOGY the surgeries of T.U.R.P. and P.C.N.L. are the most suitable because 15 to 50 liters of solution (e.g. mannitol, saline..) are used for a single operation.

    • The operating room floor is almost dry during the surgery.

    • The liquid in the collection bag is always minimal during the surgery.

    • Disposable containers or buckets are not used to collect liquids.


    In ORTHOPAEDIC, shoulder and hip arthroscopies are the most suitable, because 15/20 liters of liquid are used for a single operation.

    • The operating room floor is almost dry during the surgery.

    • The usage of disposable containers is drastically reduced.

    • The bucket for collecting liquids during surgery is eliminated.

    Intensive Care Units

    C.V.V.H. - (Continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration) is the elective  application  for S.HO.W., 20-25 liters of liquid (ultrafiltrate) are produced  every 24 hours.

    • SUPER S.HO.W. sucks the ultrafiltrate bag directly from the equipment, which can be reused, the ultrafiltrate is collected in the 60 liter tank.
    • No handling of the ultrafiltrate bag (5-10 liters) for disposal.
    • Any contact by operators with the potentially contaminated ultrafiltrate is avoided.

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