Super S.H.O.W.


    Closed circuit aspirator for large volumes of biological fluids

    Tested according to ISO standards 21702:2019

    • Eliminates  any type of container
    • Improved Security - Reduces exposure risk 
    • Cuts expenses - Saves money
    • Saves time and labor - Less workload

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    Healthcare -Associated Infection Reductions (H.A.I.)


    • Protects 24h a day, 7 days a week, and thus between 2 clean

    • 7 days a week, and then between 2 cleaning operations
    • Protects inaccessible areas
    • Inhibits the development up to 99.99% of the germs tested in conformity with the ISO 22196 standard

    •4.5 log reduction of the bacterial population• Prevents the formation of biofilm 

    All silver-based antimicrobials act against bacteria through the action of silver ions (Ag +)

    Silver ions interact with bacterial cells through 3 mechanisms:

    1. Penetrate through the cell membrane 2. Inhibit cell respiration 3. Attack the DNA of the microbe to block cell reproduction


     SUPER S.HO.W. -  is designed and made to allow healthcare professionals the management of organic liquids in total security, in compliance with legal regulations, to avoid the risk of biological contamination.

    SUPER S.HO.W. - Avoids the continual lifting of loads  by the operators, like the fluid collection bags, eliminating the risk of fluid leakage, for incidental breakage due to handling/movimentation.

    SUPER S.HO.W. - MODE- Aspiration of infected biological fluids - activates a disinfection in real time, with precision peristaltic pump for the correct dosage of the disinfectant.- Internationl Patent No. 12745521.0-1356
    SUPER S.HO.W. has a high level of self-disinfection of the equipment,  to ensure the maximum security.
    The disinfection process is automatic - The disinfection efficacy and reduction is of 99.6% (Single Dose Disinfectant System). Medical device Class IIa

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    SUPER S.HO.W. - In the Operating Room -the largest tank of 60 liters, during surgical procedures, eliminates the engagement of health care personnel, in the  substitutions/change  of the containers used for collecting the liquids

    SUPER S.HO.W. – In Wards -allows quick emptying of the the collecting bags, of biological liquids, saves time and streamlines labor of the personell, increases effciency and individual security.

    SUPER S.HO.W. - In ICUs -  allows the quick  emptying of the ultrafiltrate bags, directly from the equipment, ( C.V.V.H unit) saves time, and streamlines labor of the personell, increases effciency and individual security.


    SUPER S.HO.W. - allows to reduce considerably, the use of disposable containers, decreasing the operating costs
    SUPER S.HO.W. -  a “ green “ equipment - decreases e restricts  the amount of special waste to be sent to the incinerator for disposal

    More respect for the environment, Less plastic, Less pollution, Less costs

    Where is used


    UROLOGY-, - interventions, of T.U.R.P. and P.C.N.L. - are the most suitable, where they use from 15 to 50 liters of  solution ( eg. mannitol, saline, etc ) per surgical operation.

    • The operating room floor is almost dry during surgery.
    • The surgical liquid in the collection bag is always minimal during surgery.
    • NO longer  use  of disposable containers, or buckets  for the collection of liquids.


    Orthopaedics, - arthroscopy of the shoulder and hip are the right choice, where are used 15/20 liters of liquid, per surgical intervention.

    • The floor of the operating room is almost dry during surgery.
    • Reduces drastically the use of disposable containers.
    • Eliminates, the bucket for the collection of liquids during surgery

    Intensive Care

    C.V.V.H.- (Continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration) is an elective  application  for SUPER S.HO.W., every  24h , 20-25 liters of ultrafiltrate are collected as special wastes

    • SUPER S.HO.W - Aspires the ultrafiltrate from the bag, directly from the equipment, which bag, can be reused, the ultrafiltrare is collected in the 60 liters tank.
    • No handling of the ultrafiltrate bag, ( 5-10 liters)  for disposal.
    • No contact from operators with the ultrafiltrate, virtually, contaminated