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S.HO.W. system reduces sanitary waste costs, decreasing direct and indirect manipulation risks.
The amount of single-use containers for biological fluids to be purchased by the hospital is significantly reduced.
The equipment is straightforward and user-friendly. It improves the efficiency of the Operating Room making it ready for the next surgery, it increases the staff productivity and overall hospital cost efficiency.  


S.HO.W. system eliminates the problem of one of the most dangerous activities in hospital: biological liquids handling.
It avoids surgical fluids collection bags manual displacement, it eliminates the need for disposable containers avoiding the risk of biological fluids spilling (biohazard). The hospital does not undergo special wastes disposal cost reducing environmental impact.


One of the biggest advantages in using S.HO.W. is its versatility in more than one medical specialty (Urology & Orthopaedic O.T. - Intensive Care Units, Wards).
S.HO.W. system is suitable for being used in small rooms (e.g. endourology departments) for biological fluids collection, it protects healthcare personnel from biological hazards, it reduces management costs optimizing operational performance.


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