"The new standard in the management of biological fluids"

Innovation for Operating Rooms, Hospital Wards and Intensive Therapy

Incas S.HO.W.
  • Lower risk exposure
  • Reduces costs    
  • Saves labour and time
  • Better management of the health personnel
  • Patented

For the administration

• Reduces operating costs of the hospital.
• Optimization of the time  of the  health personnel.
• Reduces
the risk of accidents for the operators.

• Increases patient safety.

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For nurses

Operates  Manage fluids safely, resulting from hospital procedures, where it is  necessary administer large amount of liquids ( e.g. Fisiological solutions ect.)
Delete the problem of load lifting, less fatigue
Reduces the load of individual work, improving its quality.
Reduces the cleaning time for the reconditioning of the operating room.

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For physicians and medical director

• Facilitates the work of surgeons during  the operating room sessions, more focus to patients.
• Reduces the risk of biological contamination.
• Reduces the production of special liquids waste.

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